Hipac Testimonial for the Conai Event “Designing packaging: EcoD Tool CONAI 2.0, new features for a more circular packaging”.

9 May 2023

During this webinar, our R&D Manager Moreno Busti had the pleasure of providing his testimony, telling about our important Green Solutions and the importance of the CONAI EcoD Tool.

The sustainability of Hipac products has always been a priority.

Since 2008 we have started to develop a range of Premium products in ultra-thin thickness, which allow to significantly reduce the consumption of plastic with the same load stability.

In our wide range products, the RELIVE family of sustainable products stands out, with percentages of PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic from separate waste collection) up to 60%. Plastica seconda vita “ certified products.

EcoD Tool CONAI is a web tool for eco-design packaging, simple and free, which guides you in the environmental assessment of your packaging and allows you to simulate improvement actions. It has allowed us to approach and bring customers closer to the complex issue of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

It has allowed us to complete important case studies that start with pallet stability, plastic reduction and cost savings for the customer, providing important reductions in environmental impact in terms of reduction of GWP (CO2 emissions), GER (energy consumption) and Water FP (water consumption).

Here below the link. Watch the webinar video!